Webinar coming up TOMORROW, November 9 at 1pm NYC time with Guy Barzilay of Guy Barzilay Artists!! 

Join in and pick his large brain!!!

You have to register or you can’t come play with us - so follow the link below - it will be worth it - I promise!

The NYIOP Webinars are literally changing the way artists get industry information all over the world - come and see how - I know you will find out things you had no idea about before!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend. There are already over 40 people signed up to attend the one on one with Bruno Michel this coming Monday at 1pm NYC time.

I think you will all be amazed by Bruno’s grasp of the repertoire and his understanding if singing itself. He is rather amazing.

Click on the link above and just sign in the register. Let me know if you can’t actually be there and I can send you the link to view the webinar the day after.

Information is power and that is what we are trying to give back to the industry.

In bocca al lupo a tutti!!

New stuff!! New directions!!

This is the new Tumblr account for NYIOP. I am excited at taking these new steps to provide all young singers with more information and more clarity about our industry.

I will start posting the NYIOP blog here so that everyone can check it out on the fly! Let me know your thoughts and drop me a line at davidblackburn@nyiop.com!

In Bocca al lupo to all!